Give him a good belt for the holidays

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 12.25.24 PM

The countdown is on. What to get the men in your life? Belts are always a good choice. They are not too too personal, yet personal enough, and a man can never have enough of them. I am very found of suede belts these days with a nice, not ostentatious buckle, like the one pictured above, by J Hilburn. But I love leather, lizard and croc, too. And for more casual wear, I suggest a belt with contrast stitching. (Just remember, belt and shoes should be in the same color family–no black with brown.)

If you've saved shopping for your guy until today, you are in luck because you have until tomorrow (the 19th), to get your order in and have the belt by Christmas. Call me at 212-877-4963 for details.

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