Be it a one-time session or a 10-year relationship…

I founded Dresszing® to help men and women visually express their unique inner message.

A global traveler, my approach is international and sophisticated. After living in Paris, I wrote the best seller French Chic. My time in Italy resulted in my book, Italian Chic.

My experience includes 25+ years as a fashion and beauty editor, spokesperson, writer and stylist for a range of newspapers, websites and women’s magazines, including many of the best-known publications. The creation of hundreds of editorials and makeovers allowed me to hone my style approach and critical eye so I can immediately ascertain my client's assets…and develop the correct message for his or her brand.

The approach I’ve developed puts the zing in Dresszing and results in your projecting a confident, capable and charismatic image.

Call or email me for more information: 212-877-4963.

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