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A head's up to hats

Although I don't often wear hats, I love the way they look on other people. And this season, they just seem to finish a look, especially if it's quite minimal, like a tunic and straight pants or a swingy sheath. A random snap I took a few months ago of a very unique hat made […]

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The perfect accent

For some, it's a new lipstick or eyeshadow that kicks up a look. For others, it's a sweater or shirt. For me, it's a fabulous accessory. Lately, I feel like I've been wearing the same things in the same ways so I decided a new necklace was in order. While I haven't been out shopping […]

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It's (almost) Spring!

We've had a (temporary) respite from freezing weather so I decided to dress for Spring. Out of everything I might have chosen, I found myself longing to wear an old standby uniform: jeans and a blazer. Interestingly enough, the blazer was a vintage Chanel that a friend gave me 2o years ago (and it wasn't […]

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