O, the Oprah Magazine

Featured in the January 2008 issue of O, the Oprah magazine in an excerpt of Charla Krupp's, book, How Not To Look Old"

"Fashion coach Susan Sommers, whose business, Dresszing, helps women shop in their closets, advises her clients to ask themselves, 'What one or two pieces will make my wardrobe pop right now?' The pieces don't have to be superexpensive, but they should be of the moment and the color and style should mix well with at least two items you already own. If the of-the-moment item is pricey, before you splurge ask yourself,'Is this something I can wear after this season is over?'…"(page 190)

"Hire a personal stylist to help edit your closet every season… My friend, Susan Sommers, the fashion coach, takes digital photos of the new outfits we've created and sends them to me. I print them out and staple them in a small book that I keep in my closet. Whenever I'm stumped for what to wear, I find the answer in my book." (page 193)

–Charla Krupp, author of How Not To Look Old

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