Pocket Protocol™

Tell me more about those helpful etiquette cheat cards, the ones that fit in your pocket and spell out the silent rules of business etiquette for dining, email, telephone, small talk and meeting and greeting. About Pocket Protocol


Forget getting older gracefully--This is the beauty and style bible every woman has been waiting for! How Not to Look Old is the first--ever cheat sheet of to-dos and fast fixes that pay-off big time--all from Charla and her friends, the best hair pros, makeup artists, designers, dermatologists, cosmetic dentists and personal shoppers in the biz. About How Not to Look Old

Susan Sommers' French Chic brings that certain look casual chic of many Frenchwomen into the realm of possibility for the ordinary reader. Most American women have a closet full of mish-mash fashion and yet complain of having nothing to wear. You must have clothing anyway, so why not make wise, versatile purchases? Ms. Sommers' book will help you to do so. About French Chic

Unlike many fashion books where you are supposed to pick your look like romantic or trendy and dress accordingly Italian Chic is classic and works forever. You will learn how to work your wardrobe to your best advantage. Much is covered in this detailed book, everything from the type of jeans to wear and where they should hit on the ankle to the classic sunglass choice. Excellent resource for those that want to look fabulous! About Italian Chic


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